How to have a fabolous summer at a low cost

For most of us, we are experiencing summer right now. The weather is hot and there is no need to wear jackets. When you spend more time outside that means you end up spending more money on summer activities. Here are a list of things to do to enjoy your summer without going broke

  1. Go to the beach. Try different beaches in your city. To cut cost, bring a picnic lunch and towels and have a nice day
  2. Do a tour of your city. Pick different neighbourhoods to tour every weekend
  3. Bike-if you do not own a bike, rent a bike and ride around local trails
  4. Walk around your city and window shop
  5. Partake in local festivals and purchase cheap tickets for local plays usually thrown in local parks
  6. Go for a picnic. Invest in a tennis racket and play some tennis
  7. Dinner cruise. Nothing better than treating yourself to a dinner filled with dancing and food and enjoy the local scenery
  8. Go hiking-find local trails or take the bus to a quieter area in the city
  9. Go Swimming, hopefully you have access to the local pool
  10. Farmers market-Invest in your local farmer’s market

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