Men and their mating choices and how they decide to marry you

Men in society are generally the choosers of relationships. They are the ones likely to propose a date, a relationship and a marriage. A woman may desire or press for those things, but it is a man that intiates the process. So it is good to explore the man’s mind when it comes to how they decide what woman they choose to marry. Men generally are able to decide how they feel about a women in a shorter time span than women are able to decide how they feel about a man. By all studies at the end of a first date majority of men have already decided what a woman means to his future. If not by the first date, most men, if not all men have come to the same conclusion by the three month mark.

Now lets look at the factors that come into play when a man is deciding what role a woman will play in is future. Men generally place women in five categories after accessing a paticular woman. The five categories are: a) wife material b) girlfriend material c) friends with benefits d) one night stand e) will never associate with ever again. It is very unlikely to move from any category to another category as soon as you been placed in that catergory. For this blog I will focus on the difference between “wife material” and “girl friend material”.

Men can date a woman for a long time without making a marriage commitment to them. Some women have been in relationships with men for over 8 years without a marriage commitment. A man who hasn’t made that commitment feels that women is not a “wife material” and basically holding onto that “girlfriend material” until he comes across the “wife material.” in the future. Lets see how a man decides whom is his wife. The are five factors that enters a man’s mind when considering the marriage potential of a woman. These are: a) how appealing she is to him-physical, mental and emotion (does she represent his prototype) b) how well she will fit into his established family and close friends unit (will his parents, siblings, close friends accept her and will she get along with them) c) how the community he belongs to will receive her (this includes self identified ethnic, cultural, and other sub-cultural groups) that he belongs to d) other men (how other men perceive her attractiveness) e) how the woman would enable him to accomplish his goals in life. Depending on the personality of the men, one criteria will be favored over another, but all these factors are blended to produce whether you will be a suitable wife partner for a particular man.

Men are generally self serving when it comes to proposing marriage. Most generally would avoid marriage if you do not meet their criteria of “wife material” and may take you as a “girlfriend material.” In acknowlegding you as their wife a man is making you the face of their legacy and future. My advice to any woman if you do not fit the criteria for a particular man, move on to another man who you fit the criteria with as a “wife material”.

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