How can you convince a man to change his mind and marry you

I have come across this question in different ways. Basically the idea is how can you make a man change his view of his relationship with you. So many relationship advisers have made money trying to convince women on how to to use their feminine charms to change a man’s mind. I am here to advice any women not to waste their time to try to change a man’s mind. Firstly its a waste of time and secondly it leads you to a path where you start to devalue yourself. Majority of men place a woman into a category after the end of first date, and most, if not all have put a woman into a certain category after three months. The rest of the relationships is about playing out the decision this man has made about what category he has placed this woman.

The five categories men generally place women are a) Wife material b) girlfriend material c) friends with benefits d) one night stand e) will never associate with. After putting a woman in the category, 95 percent of time, you can not change that man’s mind. There maybe urban legends or Hollywood movies that promote women being able to change the minds of men by their actions. My blog is to tell women to save their energy. It is not your fault that a man has placed you into a category that you do not wish to be placed into. Your best move is move on with another man that values your wishes and places you in the category you deserve to be placed. My next blog will cover how men evaluate and decide which category to place a woman.

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