Why it is important to have dental insurance. An unfortunate mishap

I have a confession. I just lost one of my adult teeth and this of course was unplanned. I had a loose teeth because of my previous existence before last year when I didn’t put myself as a priority. Meaning before last year I didn’t practice self-care. Now that I started taking care of myself, I am paying for my past mistake of not taking care of myself. I hadn’t done teeth cleaning for more that five years. I wasn’t brushing my teeth twice a day and also flossing. The result of all this inaction is one teeth had become loose and finally I have lost that teeth.

Now that I am on this journey of self-care, I am trying to undo all the damage I have done, and It will cost me to undo this damage. The total cost to fix my broken teeth is going to be $3000. Half of this is going to covered by husband’s insurance. One thing I recommend for everyone, is to have dental insurance through work or if not through private insurance. The rest of the $1500 is going to have to be covered by other means. I do not enough savings in my emergency fund at the moment because of our recent move from Ottawa to Vancouver. So I have decided to withdraw $1500 from my RRSP (Retirement Savings Plan). This will cost me next year when I do my taxes. However I must take this set back as a lesson and now I truly understand prevention is better than cure.

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