The best area to live in Vancouver on a budget

Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities to live in North America. However what you get in return for living in Vancouver is the best climate Canada has to offer, top notch restaurants and diverse choices, extremely clean and safe city, and amazing air quality due to Vancouver’s proximity to the ocean & mountains.

Now you may ask, what is the best place to live in Vancouver. If you can afford to live in the the downtown core of Vancouver it is the best place to live. The price of one bedroom place here ranges from $1900 and upwards. The spaces are quite small, so that limits the quality of movement in the apartment. However, who wants to stay in your apartment when you can go to English Bay, see picturesque views of the mountain, and walk around and absorb the life of the city.

But if are single and you make $50000 per year or if you are a couple and you make a total of $70000. To be frank if you make less than $50000 a year you will not be able to afford to live on your own. After taxes and other deductions from your pay check per month if you make $50000 a year you will be taking home around $3500 per month. To live anywhere around the the 1 hr radius of Vancouver it becomes a challenge. If you make $50000 or less, you may need to get a roommate or live in a basement.

Me and my husband make a total $67000 per year together. We are starting out in a new city. We plan on upgrading in terms of work in the near future after we become more settled. So we made the decision to live outside the downtown city core. The best places to look for apartments outside the downtown city core is North Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond. All this places offer easy access to the city downtown core through local transit. You can get a one bedroom apartment rental between $1400 to $1900 in these areas.

For us, we got a one-bedroom rental in Richmond. Our place costs us $1450 per month. We are a 15 minutes walking distance to the skytrain (the local light rail system). From the skytrain, we are only 25 minutes from Vancouver downtown city core. We are close to public transit, grocery stores, parks and trails, 7-eleven, eateries and restaurants. It is a very safe area, and very peaceful. Our place has a outdoor swimming pool, but unfortunately we do not have a fitness room. We have a in-suite laundry. The additional cost for our place is hydro, which we pay about $100 every two months. Our water bill is covered by our rent. So this is to give you a glimpse about living in Vancouver on a budget.

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