New Westminster by the Waterfront

We are heading for this next month to the Vancouver suburb of New Westminster. For historical purposes, New Westminster is the first capital of British Columbia. It is one of the oldest settlements in British Columbia excluding of course the earliest population of First Nations that settled on this land. New Westminster is quite an intriguing area of Vancouver. It offers an older architecture that is only present in select sections of Vancouver (e.g., Gastown). A look around this area takes you back to a distant history in Vancouver and makes you realize that although Vancouver is a newer city, it has a past steeped in history. The population here is ethnically mixed, with the majority of the population being of people of European background. There has been over the last decade a move to renovate the city and make it the next trendy city. New Westminster is composed of so many smaller neighborhoods within a bigger city. For the blog this month we will focus on a particular area that has gone under a lot of renovation, but retains it historic charm. The area is NEW WESTMINSTER QUAY. Located on the waterfront up to Front st, Columbia St and Carnarvon St. Also moving east and west from 8th st to 4th st.

The tallest tin soldier located on the waterfront in front of the River market 810 Quayside Dr.


Ladies and Gentlemen there are still phone booths and you can find it in New Westminster @ Columbia St

Few Pictures of the Waterfront. We will be taking more pictures of the waterfront @810 Quayside Dr.

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