Wendy Williams and the rising culture of “gigolos” and “peter pans”

I have written in previous blogs about the decreasing rates in marriage and the changing mentality in men when it comes to their societal roles as providers, builders and protectors.

Wendy Williams divorce is a case study in the changing dynamics in men/women relationships and how this is proving to be detrimental to women, and to society in general because of increasing divorce rates and lowering marriage rates. Wendy Williams presents a binary personality. On one hand she seems to be very confident when it comes to her professional life. She is very ambitious and has paved her way into being a serious contender in the entertainment industry. On the other hand, she appears to have low self-esteem when it comes to her personal life. Judging by her acceptance of a husband who does not meet her socio-economical level.

The question is what is going on in society that is allowing more and more women to be paired with men that often are not suitable to be providers, builders and protectors. The answer is complex yet very simple. The simple answer is more and more men are abandoning or are unable to take on their societal roles as providers, builders and protectors and this is causing a shift in societal dynamics.

In more complex terms a system of supply and demand has been created with this shift in societal dynamics. There is more supply of marriage minded and inclined women to lesser demand for these women by marriage minded and inclined men. This imbalance has created women to accept partnerships from men that are not suitable or inclined to be husbands or fathers.

This dynamic allows for two types of men to increasing appear in today’s American culture. The two types of men are the peter pans and the gigolo. The peter pan man knows he not suitable or ready for marriage. However, he knows that there are many low esteemed and desperate women who are looking for companionship. What this man does is he moves from one monogamous relationship to another monogamous relationship without legally committing to any of these women. In his path he leaves a lot of women emotional drained and hurt. The gigolo also knows he not suitable, but he actually preys on women. He attaches himself to women that he feels are socio-ecomonically better off than himself and drains them of their resources to eventually leave them, once he feels he gotten what he needs out the woman he has attached himself to. In this today’s age of dating and marriage, women must be smart in order to weed out these two types of men.

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