Finance-How to live well in Vancouver on a average salary-goal setting

So let’s take a look at 2019-2020. My objectives and goals for the end of July 2020.

Goals to reach at by end of July 2020:

  1. Start a blog (April 2019)- Cost of Blog $120
  2. Set up a mini garden in my apartment porch (May 2019)- Cost $60
  3. Clothes Shopping (May 2019)- $150
  4. Husband Drivers renewal (May 2019)- $95
  5. Go to Harrison Hot Springs-vacation (June 2019)- $1200
  6. Buy a dining table and new tv (July 2019)- $1300
  7. Learn how to do my make-up(July 2019) -$100
  8. Go to White Rock (August 2019)- $200
  9. Go to the Opera (September 2019)- $130
  10. passports renewal (December 2019)- $240
  11. Go to Whistler (January 2020)- $250
  12. Go to Las Vegas (June 2020)- $1200

Financially were we stand in terms of income: After taxes, medical, dental, personal care: we have $4000 to spend per month as a family. In the next post I will break down our monthly budget and how will plan on paying off debt and saving for the short term (less than 10 yrs) and long term (retirement), while accomplishing our goals.

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