Saying Adios to Burnaby North

You can’t say North Burnaby without mentioning Anton’s Italian Restaurant. A staple of this area, people line up in the cold to get a taste of their oversized pasta plates which you can have leftovers for days. Go to 4260 hastings st e for this experience.

Let me give you a summary of this area. A truly multicultural area. It is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Vancouver. A cost of a one bedroom apartment to rent is $1500 to $1600 dollars. To buy a family home you are looking at a range of 1.5 million to 2 million.

You would like the feel of this neighborhood, a cross between when hippies met yuppies. An academic population, whether undergrad university students, grad students, or phd’s. And also throw in all the ethnicity flair you can imagine with beautiful European cafes and bakeries.

How you get here?

When you arrive in downtown Vancouver. Grab the Bus 95 at Hastings St and Granville. And then sit on the bus till it reaches Hastings St in Burnaby North.

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