Men, Now you can attract the woman of your physical dreams

It is very simple, the best marriages are the marriages that the man feels they won the prize and got the woman of their physical dreams. Men through biological and social conditioning are bred hunters. To make this simple analogy, a hunter must catch his targeted prey, but if he doesn’t he will spend the rest of his life thinking about the prey. I will discuss in this article the five ways in which a man can increase the chances of getting that woman of his dreams both physical, and mental.

  1. Become the best option for the woman you find attractive. Become a man who is physically, mentally, spiritually and financially able to take care of wife before you pursue or commit to one woman. Scientifically between the ages of 18-25 an adult male brain hasn’t fully developed yet. I would agree that there are a minority of men that are able to take on the role as husband and father as such a young age. However, for the majority of men, these ages between 18-25 are the ages that you must learn to develop as the man. Avoid attaching yourself to one partner at this age, and concentrate on building yourself. If you meet that girl that meets all the qualities you want at these ages, there are two things you can do a) quicken up the pace to develop yourself so you can pursue that girl b) let her go, and develop yourself first.

2. Travel, Travel, Travel….Read, Read, Read…there is nothing more for intriguing to a woman of substance than a man of substance

3. Get yourself a mentor. Unfortunately we live in a society today that men are not trained or developed to embrace their masculine traits of protection, providing and building. True masculine traits, not toxic traits. So many men are raised in environments where positive masculine traits are not encouraged whether they come from divorced parents, single parents or busy fathers who do not have to time or ability to impart those traits. I encourage men to develop these traits on their own if by the age of 18 they have been able to get a mentor to do so. Research and obtain life coaches in your area that will help you work on different aspects of yourself. Read self help books and biographies, take online courses and pay for programs by well known life coaches. Most successful men invest in themselves, you should take the time to invest in yourself.

4. Be kind to women that are not your dream girl that you encounter in your life. Many women will cross your path, some may turn into friendships and some you will realize after dating them for about three months that they are not the one for you. The ones who are your friends, gain from them the knowledge you need, do not abuse the friendship. Be honest with the ones who want to commit to you, but you do not feel the same way about them. Do not prolong a relationship for 2 years, 4 years, 6 years, hoping somehow your view of the particular woman will change. After three months if you do not see this woman has the dream girl, please cut off the relationship. In the end it will create a negative experience for the both of you. That brings me to the topic of sex, please avoid “friends with benefits” scenario and do not engage in sexual behavior with any woman who you will not commit to, unless you are honest with the woman about the direction of the relationship and allow her to choose to decide to proceed.

5. Gain confidence. Seek counselling to gain confidence. Work on your self esteem. No one can heal your wound except for yourself with the aid of course of a licensed therapist if you do need one. A confident man knows his value and projects that to the world and the world responds. It is is not fake confidence, it is confidence gained from knowing all your positive and negative attributes and developing them to help yourself and others around you. Learn how to take pride in yourself, eat well, exercise, become financially literate, care for your body, mind and soul.

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