My vision for the future

This is the summary of what I want to accomplish for my short term and long term goals:

2019 to 2020: This couple of years are dedicated to rebuilding our lives. Getting full time jobs and settling down in Vancouver. We have been here for six months now. We have to been lucky to find a rental near the skytrain station. It cost us $1450 per month. My husband and I landed employment two months after we arrived in Vancouver. I have a B.A. in psychology and my husband has a B.A. in political science. My job is in office administration and it is part time and my husband works full time in the financial/insurance industry.

2020-2021: I plan to write a book, and we are going to investing in family planning. We want to have a child once we paid off some debt and are more settled

2022- My husband plans to get a certification. Possibly in counselling or educational assistant

2023- We plan to buy a car. While we have enjoyed walking and taking transit we would like to purchase a car.

2024- Schooling for myself, I would like to get certification in payroll and accounting. Also we would like to move downtown. maybe find a condo to purchase downtown.

2025- Proceed with adoption if unable to have children

2026-2027- Advanced degree for my husband. Possibly in Education

2029-2030- Advanced degree for myself

2034- Pay all my debts and form a charity

2036- Further education for myself

2039- Buy cottage for our family

2041 and onwards-continue to take vacations and trips

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