After being his girlfriend for more than 2 years and he still doesn’t want to make you his wife

So you have been his girlfriend for more than 2 years and you are wondering why he hasn’t married you? My simple answer is why did you even sign up to be his girlfriend in the first place? A woman should never commit to a man, who is not fully committed to her financially, emotionally, physically and mentally. A man who is fully committed to you will propose within six months and not sideline you as a girlfriend. A man that wants to be your boyfriend, just wants you to stick around until he realizes or doesn’t realize that you are the one he wants to commit to for the rest of his life or if no one better comes along. Basically a girlfriend is a sitting duck waiting for a man to pass judgement on the status of the relationship while you are being used for his sexual pleasure.

My personal analysis is a man should show you that within 3-6 months that you are his unicorn, and wants to marry you, don’t subject yourself to being his girlfriend and walk away and don’t commit yourself to stupidity. It doesn’t take a man longer than 6 months to propose and commit fully to you. And let me say there are situations that a man will decide to marry a woman after making her his girlfriend, but usually there will be an uphill battle for a man to decide to propose and you will need to settle for being a “wifey”. Meaning that you will never have a man that is fully committed to you financially, emotionally, mentally and physically even when he has made you his wife for the rest of your lives together. And my question is, why accept that? But that said lets look at how you can get a man to marry you, when he has made you his girlfriend?

The girlfriend title is not equal in its meaning in all relationships What makes them the same is that a man is not yet ready to propose for a variety of reasons. A girlfriend label exists on a spectrum where a man can just be using a woman for his sexual pleasure, or the highest level where a man feels that he would want to marry this woman but wants to wait a little longer to make such a committment. You would need to figure out where you belong on this spectrum before you begin your journey to become a wife after being labelled a girlfriend. The five questions you need you need to to ask yourself to make that assessment is :

  1. how much of his money is he willing to spend on me, on dates, for your needs and to make sure I feel protected, loved and secure
  2. how much time does he have for me or how much time is he willing to make for me
  3. how much of himself does he share of with me, his dreams and goals and how much time does he invests he getting to know me
  4. how much do we have in common and do we enjoy being around each other
  5. have i met the closet people to him, his friends, and family and they know about me.

If you have positive responses to the questions, the higher you are on the spectrum of becoming his wife and the less work you have to put in, the more negative you have to the responses, the more work you need to put in and chances are you are being used as entertainment before he finds his unicorn.

-After figuring out where you are on the spectrum, have a frank discussion with him. Be open to get your feelings hurt. but do ask him where he sees you in his future. From this discussion you get a better understanding of what needs to be done inorder for you to become his wife. For you to become his wife, all the five signs of wife material that I listed above needs to be present, and whatever is missing you need to bring it in him, for him to make you his wife.

But as i said from the very beginning, no one is ever worth the trouble of making him desire to marry you. If the man hasn’t prosposed to you within the six months, cut your loses and walk away, he will then come to the realization or not whether you are his unicorn. That is why it is very important to always match a man and his feelings, don’t give him more than you are receiving from him, and unless he signals to you that you his unicorn, please don’t get into a sexually committed relationship with him.

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