Elevating your lifestyle on a budget

How do you best elevate your lifestyle when you are on a budget? I have found the best way to elevate your lifestyle is to invest in artistic pieces. Buy beautiful art to look at and stir at, after a day of work that would to take you to a more peaceful and beautiful world. For me, my art collection is limited but it expresses who we are as individuals and as a couple. I have purchased art by a local artist(to show my love of Vancouver and British Columbia), I have also purchased prints by famous artists, one is a contemporary artist and the other is well known celebrated painter. The local art showcases Vancouver’s natural beauty and landscapes, I have two pieces that I purchased for $67 at a local art store on 2535 Main St, called Bird on a Wire. The artist name is Duane Murrin. It is two gorgeous paintings of the landscape of Bristish Columbia. The contemporary artist I own is Leonid Afremov. He just passed away in August 2019. I am in love with his pieces with its vivid colors of dreams of love. The painting I bought was a print of “dreams come true” from Wayfair at a cost of $110. The last of the painting is a by a well known artist Vincent Van gogh. The print I got was a small size canvas painting from Wayfair of cafe terrance by night. It was $67. It reminds me of my goal to travel to France and enjoy a nice drink at a local cafe.

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