Saying Goodbye to Renfrew Street, and the decaying Vancouver Suburb

With a new generation, there is a fleeing from the old suburb into the city and urban areas. It has become too expensive to purchase one family housing units in Vancouver, and those that can afford those type of units are investing their money in more upscale and richer neighourhoods like north and west vancouver or less expensive neighbourhoods outside the city core like mission, maple ridge or pitt meadows. What is happening in many Vancouver suburbs like Renfrew is the tearing down of old family style homes, to be replaced by condos and townhouses. This what you see when you walk down the street of Renfrew, beautiful parks with the homes that eventually will be sold off as families begin to move out of this area. Look at all the crows that have now made Renfrew Street their home. In the next few decades much of Renfrew Street, will be condos, townhouses and businesses:

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