September Budget update for a family of two in an expensive city-Did we meet our budget?

So September is over, and the question is did we meet our budget.? For this budget I got paid five times instead of the usually four times because of the pay cycle. As a result my takehome pay after taxes for the month was $2750. So the total family income excluding taxes was $4850. We ended up spending $4670 as a family. So we ended up with a surplus for the month. Yeah for September. Our savings at the end of August was $1152. With the surplus in September, our savings is now $1332. Here is the breakdown:

predictedactualSeptember Figures
BC Hydro$50$50
Bmo Line$450$487
TD paym$121$80
St loan$121$89
Bank Fees$11$11
RBc pay2$200$185
BMO PE$1,200$1,555
Cibc loan$20$100
RBc pay1$220$260
Mutual F$25$25
c rbc loan$121$121

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