Food paradise in Mt Pleasant Vancouver

Here are my some of my favorite foody spots in Mt Pleasant area. Mt Pleasant is a mix and mesh of all different food choices. Whatever goes happens here. Mt pleasant actually has my favorite Vietanamese Restaurant.

Fatburger is a little pricey. However the taste of the burgers and the choices of sides and drinks makes you realize why you need a Fatburger in your life. It is located @ 255 Broadway West

Fable diner located @ 151 broadway E has the most creative milkshakes. Share a milkshare as a romantic celebration with your partner

Poke which started in Hawaii, have made it big here in Vancouver. I recommend a visit to 280 Broadway E for poke bar

My favorite vietnamese spot in broadway 373 broadway E

More images of more to find on Broadway from Ethopian food to Sri Lankan

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