Saying a final goodbye to English Bay and saying Hello to Mount Pleasant

We are saying a final Goodbye to English Bay by showcasing pictures we didn’t post in our earlier posts. Here are the pics:

The new area we are going to focus on for the next four weeks is Mount Pleasant. The area known as Mount Pleasant encompasses a large area in Vancouver East area. We are going to narrow our focus on a smaller area for this. The area we going to focus on is the Broadway East and West, between Cambie St and Fraser St. This smaller area represents alot of what Mount Pleasant is, which is basically a version of what Vancouver’s identity is. Mount Pleasant is an electric, vibrant, trendy, and artistic area of Vancouver. However it represents the confused identity of Vancouver. At one end, this area represents Vancouver’s love of green, the love of nature, marijuana, and all things natural. However on the other end, Vancouver’s love of the almigthy green dollar, the ritzy cafes, the upscale bike shops, and outdoor stores that can cost you a month’s rent. Here is a preview of the area with the pictures:

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