Food and grocery budget in an expensive city

In an expensive city like Vancouver, a person must learn how to budget in order to be able to enjoy living in the city. For me that means coming up with a budget plan for a couple. For me and my husband we spend $300 a month on groceries. We have divided the month into four seperate weeks. For the first two weeks we spend $175 and for the last two weeks we spend $125.

For the first two weeks we buy approximately 40-50 items at a cost of $140-$150. The first week is a major food shopping spree. The list includes three types of meats, vegetables and fruits, cereal, milk and fun items such as pop and chips. We make our meal plan based our choices of meats, vegetables and grains. The second week we replenish our food stock and buy needed items we run out of or items that are needed for weekly replenishment. We spend $25-35 dollars on 5-10 items for the second week.

The last weeks function basically like the first two weeks. The third week is a major shopping spree. We spend $90 to $100 buying 30-33 items. The last week we spend $25 to $35 buying 5-10 items for replenishment

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