Island vacation for half the price

I live in Vancouver. The benefits of living in Vancouver is you are close to an island for just $17 ferry ride. Vancouver Island is an Island chain that is separated from the rest of the mainland by a body of water. Most cities have an island that you can escape to for a cheaper option than flying to the Caribbean, Hawaii and Fuji. You get to have a stay vacation, enjoy staying in an area surrounded by water, and you get the pleasures of staying on budget. Me and my husband took such a vacation to Vancouver Island, to a city on the island known as Nainamo. It was a cheaper option for us for a weekend getaway. We went by bus and it cost $17 per person. We ended up staying at my husband’s parents house, and our food cost was $100. Activities were $45 dollars. The total cost of the trip was $179. Here is some pictures of the trip:

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