Saying hello to the “westend” or English Bay Area

English Bay encompasses Denman St, Beach Avenue and Davie St. However in this month I will be concentrating on Beach Ave and Denman St. I feel Davie St deserves its on concentration and focus because it is central home of Vancouver’s vibrant Lgbtq community. However English Bay would remind you south miami beach. With its buildings, restaurants, vegetations(right down to the palm trees) and its proximity to the beach. The diverse community that coexist here plus the influence of the larger gay community in the area gives this area the vibrance and sophiscation of unadulterated, and unhabited sense of fun and happiness. I will focus on the food, and the buildings that you will find on denman and beach ave. In a later post I will focus on davie st, because I feel it deserves its on special month. Here is a sample so far of the area:

This an example of one of the restaurants located on Denman St. This restaurant is a main stay in this area. Look at the decor and it fits in to this area prefectly. The food was delicious and cheap for Vancouver’s standards

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