What are the five most common traits that make a man a “good husband material”

  1. Whether he has a vision for his future. He has his own pre-set goals and visions. He is self-motivated, and he doesn’t need others to push him to realize his vision and goals.
  2. How he treats people that provide service for him. When you go grocery shopping, to restaurants, and to see a movie. How does he interact with the grocery clerk and the waiter/waitress. If this man devalues people in general, chances are he will end up devaluing you.
  3. What is mentality about his role in the relationship. Does he perceive himself as a provider, protector and builder. Does he care for your needs as much as you care for his needs.
  4. Look at his family background. Did he have a positive male figure in his life? Although there are some men that are able to develop a strong sense of being good husbands without having positive role models. Statistically, men who are exposed to positive male role models tend to become positive men themselves in future relationships
  5. Does he have a strong sense of value and ethics. However at the same time, he possesses an air of open mindedness. A man that can balance these two forces, shows you that he is capable of being in relationship whereby everything is not always “black and white” and you need a person that is willing to engage in a fair amount of compromise and understanding

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