Did I accomplish my budget goals for May?

I set two goals for the month of May. The first goal was for my husband to get his driver’s licence for $95 and also to set a mini garden and plant three plants for $60. I would like to report that I was able to accomplish both goals and I had additional surprise cost of $120 for an unplanned party cruise around the Vancouver Harbour in May.

  1. My husband’s drivers licence cost $75 instead of $95. We were able to get the driver’s licence
  2. I was able to buy three planters and three plant seeds. The planters costs $12, the three seeds cost $6, the water pail for watering cost $10, the glove cost $5, the soil cost $3, the planter shovel cost $5, decorative labels cost $2, shelf for the plants cost 15 and also water spray bottle cost $2. The total amount spent on the garden was $60. Here is a look at the mini garden

3. Finally we went on a cruise for $120. This was unplanned but we enjoyed the cruise. We had some extra money that was used to indulge in a cruise. Here is a few pics:

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