What we can learn from Narcissist

Simply what we can learn from a narcissist is selfish love-that is learning how to put yourself first. You know in the airplane emergency announcement when they tell you to put your mask own first before even putting on the mask of anyone else including a child. What is the purpose of this announcement? Mainly to make you aware that if you do not take of yourself, you will not be able to take care of anyone else.

I never understood the purpose of self-love. I found myself feeling guilty that I would take care of myself while others were so much in need. In reality I felt that it was my obligation to give everyone their “masks” before giving myself my “mask.”

What really made me wake up and decide to become more selfish? I realized that I had one life to live, and sacrificing myself to everyone else, was leading to me deteriorating in my physical, mental and emotional health. Also what I found out that the people around me who I felt I was sacrificing for were witnessing a depleted version of myself and not valuing me. My marriage was suffering, and my personal relationship did not feel balanced.

My self loving journey has involved me taking care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Since I have been taking care of myself more, i have become happier and more satisfied. This feeling of happiness and satisfaction is making my relationships happier and stronger

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