Our decision to move from Ottawa to Vancouver was costly but it was a wise decision

My self care journey process began last year. Prior to last year I didn’t put myself as a priority and in many ways I didn’t invest in myself. I did ignore my health, life work balance, dental care and enjoyment. I wanted to take care of myself, this is one of the reasons we decided to move from Ottawa to Vancouver last year. Coming to Vancouver was a new beginning to start the process of self-care. We had issues to address

  1. The first issue- To reduce pay work hours. In Ottawa I was working two jobs. Both I and my husband had to assume two part time jobs because we weren’t able to secure good paying jobs because a) we were uni-lingual. In most situations, in Ottawa to secure higher paying work it is crucial to know both French and English. b) Although Ottawa has a low unemployment rate, the employment fields in Ottawa is limited in comparison to other cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. So to increase your chances of getting opportunities, it makes sense to explore your options
  2. Ottawa has extreme in weather and humidity. In the winter it reaches -40 degrees Celsius and in the summer it reaches as high as 40 degrees Celsius. This extreme swing in weather can be devastating impact on the body. You are going to experience more allergies. Too cold to be outside in the winter, and too hot to be outside in the summer. Vancouver has less drastic weather and the temperature stays relatively mild. in the winter and summer
  3. Family-to be closer to our families and partake in family events
  4. For Lifestyle-beaches, mountains, world class food choices, shopping experience, festivals and concerts

So the reason we moved to Vancouver was for health, lifestyle, career opportunities and family. The lifestyle here is more expensive. We don’t have a car yet still have to pay $300 more in our budget compared to Ottawa. We spent $3000 to move and for over six weeks we did not have employment. So for those six weeks we lost about $6000 in earnings. Has this been worth it? Yes, Yes Yes

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