Seven steps to take to get a quality and resourced man and avoid ending up with a loser

  1. Invest in yourself. Practice self care. Learn how to take care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Love yourself first before you can spread your love to others.
  2. Read and Travel. Reading and travelling exposes you to different ideas and thinking. It enables you to gain a new perspective that will make you more engaging to quality men
  3. Date with a strategy. If you are 18-25, date multiple men. Date to figure out what you find attractive in a man. Expose yourself to a variety of men, different classes, races, and cultures. If you are over 25 years old give yourself at least 2 years to date multiple men. Dating multiple men allows competition between different men and allows the best men to rise to the top. Do not trap yourself in long term relationships which do not benefit you. Do not attach yourself to men that have not yet reached their physical, mental and financial maturity
  4. Date with a purpose after you have figured out what you find attractive in a man by a) going to places that you find quality men e.g., charity events, spending time in quality neighborhoods
  5. Be Patient. Don’t let others push you or don’t push yourself to settle for anyone. It is okay to be single, and be by yourself till you find the man that meets your expectations
  6. Know yourself. Make a mental list of what you want in a man. Make sure the list has characteristics that you will not compromise on. Stick to that list because that will be your objective guide
  7. Emphasize your best qualities. We are not perfect, however everyone has that special physical and mental characteristics that other people compliment you about. For example I consider myself average in looks, however I have a killer dimple and beautiful smile. I take full advantage of this, and in my life have attracted quality men that have commented on my smile and dimple

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