Living in an expensive city and buying fashionable fashion

I set out to achieve two short goals by April and May 2019. The goals were to set up a blog and finish my summer shopping. The budget I allocated to the blog was $120 and for the summer clothing shopping was $150. I like to announce that I have achieved those goals.

For the blog, I set up a blog site with wordpress for $120. I am not computer savvy so I found that wordpress offered me the best option. For $120 per year I would have access to free hosting and a domain. WordPress also makes blogs easily accessible and easily able to navigate and create.

For the summer clothes shopping, I went over budget to add more pieces to my summer wardrobe. I spent $180 dollars. Here is the pictures of the clothes and where I got the clothes.

The jeans and the summer jacket were bought @ thrift store called “Still Fabulous” @1124 Commercial Drive. The summer jacket cost $13 and the jeans costs $10

The summer bag is a Kate Spade. I got this bag @ the Kate Spade outlet in Richmond @ McArthurGlen Designer Outlet for $45 and the two sunglasses @ The Bay for a total of $15 on clearance.

The first picture is a skirt and a summer blouse. The pink skirt was bought @ the thrift store “The fabulous” for $15. The blouse was purchased @ The Bay for $30. The second picture is dress for the summer parties and outings, the cost was $52 @ the Ralph Lauren outlet store @ McArthurGlen Designer.

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