Saying goodbye to Vancouver-Kingsway

Another month has ended, and onto a new neighborhood in Vancouver. For me Vancouver-Kingsway is the heart of Vancouver. Everything will constantly change in Vancouver, but for me Vancouver-Kingsway would never lose its flavor

Pho Thai Hoa located 1625 Kingsway, offers a variety of Vietnamese dishes and phos

Located @ 2229 Kingsway, Bubble Tea & Dessert Cafe offers a wide range of Asian inspired desserts and drinks. Great Value and it hits the romantic spot for two people looking for a touch of sweetness


For the Vegan or Vegetarian individual. This area of Vancouver has a lot of restaurants that caters to this market. Dharma Garden @ 3195 Kingsway is one worth trying

When it comes to Chinese food, this area does not fall short in the selection. Our pick for this evening was Ning Tu @2130 Kingsway. Be prepared to pay with cash or Canadian debit.

The last three pictures is to highlight the number of businesses located here. Vancouver-Kingsway serves as a service business industry area with a number of autobody shops, pet grooming and pet clinics, message parlors, nail salons, non-profit help centers.

The best way to get here with Transit is when in downtown Vancouver. Take the number 19 Metrotown heading east. The stop is located @ Granville St and West Pender St, and enjoy the bus ride as you go through other neighborhoods in Vancouver.

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