More adventures Vancouver-Kingsway

From Little Saigon and beyond here is more collection of different things to see and do in Vancouver-Kingsway.

Located at 1345 Kingsway…Dosa Factory offer Dosas and Indian curries. Very Delicious and really good value.

Fun place for both adults and children. Located at 2777 Kingsway, this place host a chocolate store that will make you feel like you were living Charlie and the chocolate factory existence

Located at 3565 Kingsway, This shows the ethnic diversity along this stretch of area. A place to savour and buy some Brazilian treats

Located at 3543 Kingsway, this is yet another example of the diversity this area presents. This store has products mainly from Western Africa, but offers other products that caters to peoples of African diaspora

Highlighting the Cherry Blossom trees starting to bloom on the streets that intercept Kingsway

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