Feminism in different shades

The last post focused on men groups that in many ways blame feminism for all the negative aspects seen in society. It was in my last relationship that I learned that nothing is ever black or white, there are too many shades in between. That is my view of feminism, the good, the bad and the ugly. Feminism isn’t one fits all movement, but at the heart of it, is the believe that both genders deserve equal treatment.

Lets look at the good point of feminism. One of the best point of feminism is it has given woman individual choice, the choice to seek careers, to be primary caregivers, to participant in sports, politics, to vote, to basically accomplish things that our grandmothers only dreamed about. Another importance of feminism is that it has elevated the status of women. Pre-feminism, women who didn’t want to get married or women who were in abusive relationships didn’t have options in terms of how to navigate out of those relationships. Feminism has enabled women to establish themselves and gain better foothold in society

Lets look at the bad point of feminism. The element that has been exploited by many, on the anti-feminist male groups is the feminist movement has created confusion within society. What qualified as male defined roles is being challenged and what qualified as female defined roles is being challenged. Should a woman who earns more than a man pay for the first date? Should a woman propose marriage to a man? What happens if a woman is the main breadwinner in the relationship? This is leading alot of confusion in the society that is leading both men and women to rethink their roles in society. Another negative element to feminism is women are attaching themselves to masculinity in order to gain respect within general society. I just saw a nike commercial that showcased women in different sporting arrangements, praising these women for projecting masculinity and just expressing that women can do as well as men or better than men. I believe women can be defined and get respect for society by not only accomplishing in male dominated fields, but also accomplishing in female dominated fields

The next is the ugly side of feminism. This encompasses a small number of radicalized feminist that are actually angry about men and men’s dominate role in society, and their premise in society is to rid society of men control. I do understand that sometimes the pendulum must swing in the opposite direction to bring balance. However looking at different movements that have come out this radicalized sector, we must caution against anything that does not recognize the beauty in all and strive to bring balance rather than discord

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