From Kensington-Cedar Cottage to Little Saigon

Lets now focus on a specific area of Vancouver-Kingsway. Between Kingsway@ Fraser St to Kingsway@ Knight St, this area has been renamed “Little Saigon”. Previously this area was Kensington-Cedar Cottage. This area goes from the 900 block of Kingsway to 1500 block of Kingsway. Why is this area named “Little Saigon”? Simply this area features a tremendous amount of Vietnamese stores, food places, and restaurants. It is worth a visit if you come to Vancouver as a tourist. Here are a few pictures to highlight this area:

Located @ 1327 Kingsway Kim Chau Delicatessen has as an array grocery items and makes on site Vietnamese food for consumers.

Located @ 1312 Thao Hair & Nail Salon offers good prices for acrylic and mani and pedi combos

1386 Kingsway Golden Ray Bakery

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