Men going their Own Way…Mgtow and other men movements against feminism

In 1989 the Montreal Massacre introduced the name Marc Lepine to Canadian masses. This man savagely killed 14 women under the notion that he was retaliating against feminism and all the advancement made by women because of modern feminism. While Marc Lepine actions represents a disgusting and extreme case of a growing number of men movements that have risen in opposition to modern feminism. There are less violent movements that speaks to the growing frustrations in society that some men are feeling about the changing society and the place of both men and women in this modern society. In writing this article I want to bring attention to this movements, challenge and better address the views of some of the movements and see how another Marc lepine can be prevented or another example Elliot Rodger a self identified “incel” who went on to kill both women and men in a rampage against his feelings of rejection by women he felt he was entitled to, but whom had rejected him. There are four groups I want to take a look at today Mgtow, The Red Pill movement, Sysbm and the Incels.

Let’s begin with the Mgtow movement. This community of men is not an activist organization. Rather is a community of men that socialize through social media to voice their opposition to modern day feminism. The focus of this group of men (manosphere) is to encourage other men to steer clear of the trappings of marriage, children and societal pressures of being a man in society. Ironically studies have found married men live happier and longer lives than single men. This group is made of predominantly working/middle white straight males (although other group have joined) that feel feminism has created an unequal society whereby women rights have been elevated over the rights of men. Many point to perceived unfair family laws as an indication of how women rights have trampled over the rights of men. This group advocate the withdrawal of men from their societal roles of providing, protecting and building and their reasoning for this because they feel women have become too entitled and need to learn to appreciate men.

The red pill movement is a subset of the mgtow movement. It is more of the philosophical branch of the movement. While the mgtow movement is more concerned with the practical aspects of the movements, the red pill movement is concentrated on the reasoning behind men going their on way. The red pill movement borrows much of its philosophy from fictional works such as Matrix and encourages men to take the red pill and separate from the delusional fake world and embrace a tougher world that turns away from all the bondage of society.

The next movement is Sysbm which stands for Save yourself selves Black Men. The movement is predominantly made of black men. However this group ideologies differ from that of the Mgtow movement in that these men are not against marriage. Rather they encourage men to seek marriage to all non-black woman. This organization is anti-black woman and encourages black american or black men in the western hemisphere to avoid relationship with black women and seek relationships with non-black women in the western hemisphere or get passports to other countries to pursue relationships with different groups of women. Their reasoning behind this stance is because they feel the black community is controlled by black women and they want to distance themselves from the black community.

The last movement I want to highlight is the Incels. I am very apprehensive about this movement because over years, there has been a few self identified incels that have targeted women and ended up killing both women and men. Incels tend to be antisocial, young and mainly white men. Their main complaint is they never got the woman they wanted to like them back, so they feel anger towards all women. This self entitled group of men do not value anyone, but themselves.

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