Hello to Vancouver-Kingsway

The next neighborhood of focus is the Vancouver-Kingsway corridor. To be more specific Kingsway starting at Main street, and stretching all along to Kingsway ending at Boundary. Although Kingsway stretches further than Boundary and all the way into Burnaby. However, our concentration will be on this Kingsway Corridor because it offers a distinct perspective of Vancouver that no other area offers.

Vancouver-Kingsway is the Vancouver that hasn’t grown up. It hasn’t been dressed up like most areas of Vancouver. It is raw, gritty, and soulful. It is nostalgic, it takes you back to Vancouver 30 years ago. It is a combination of everything, here you get a mix of all mixes. Working class population of immigrants from East Asian, South East Asian South Asian, Eastern Europe, a small population Africans. And then add to this immigrant population poorer and working class populations of non-immigrants. Go along this area and you feel a sense of freedom. You feel like you belong and do not have to put on any airs, and feel welcomed. We will be looking at this area for the whole month of March.

This sign for Kingsway is hanging off the pole. It is in need of repairs. However it shows off Vancouver-Kingsway and its raw beauty.

WhiteSpot on 1476 Kingsway offers a brunch special on Saturdays and Sundays

WhiteSpot on 1476 Kingsway, the brunch is delicious and for two people it cost less $40 dollars

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