How to attract quality men

Now lets discuss how to marry up your social, and economical class. First what is a quality man? Basically a man whose goals in his life include to provide (financial, emotional, and mental support), protect, and build for the woman he chooses to marry. Not all men are capable or want to do this, so it is in the woman’s best interest to vet potential men and make sure they can provide, protect and build for them. Now how can we women encourage men of quality into our lives. Here are the five steps to do so:

  1. They key to getting a quality man is to become a quality woman yourself. Invest in yourself first. Get to know yourself, all your positive points and negative points. Once you accessed all your qualities, you need to learn to embrace yourself and learn to love you as you are. Then next move is then to enhance your positive qualities and try to make a best version of yourself. Take those classes that you always wanted to take, for example that writing class, the pottery class, and join a exercise class. Just learn to invest in yourself physically, emotionally, financially and mentally. Learn how to practice self care, you need to love yourself first in order for someone to love you.
  2. Expose yourself to quality men. Start early and expose yourself to quality men. In society, men are generally encouraged to explore their options in the early stages of their dating life, sometime between the ages of 18-25 years. This enables them to fine tune what their imagined “right woman” actually looks like in real life. For women I propose the same exact thing, between the ages 18-25 should be the exploration period. Women should date only to explore and expose themselves to a variety of men. If you are past the age of 25, what you should do is give yourself at least 2 years to explore and expose yourself to a variety of men. When I say dating, I mean dating without sex. I prefer women wait till marriage to have sex, If one does not subscribe to this, just wait till at least 6 months. At this time of exploration it is better to stay away from forming serious relationships unless you happen to meet a quality man that proposes marriage.
  3. Go where the quality men are: After you expose yourself to different men, then the next step is to become selective. Focus on events, sports, self help seminars, and charity events that attract quality men. Move to an expensive neighborhood, even if it is a smaller space. However if you can not afford an expensive neighborhood, visit that area often.
  4. Form friendships with quality women that have in the circle quality men. Remember this how Megan Markle met Prince Harry, through the introduction by her quality girlfriend.
  5. Travel, Travel, Travel, Also Read, Read, Read. The point of Travel and Reading is about exposure. Quality men want to be around a woman with ideas. Travel and Reading will enable you to attract quality men, and for yourself it will expose you to different worlds and make you a better version of yourself.

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