45 year plan for my life

I have a 45 year goal plan. Yes you have heard me, I have goals I want to achieve each year of my life. When I was younger, I had an older woman tell me, “that you couldn’t plan your life.” So for the next years, I stopped setting goals and objectives for my life. But it wasn’t until my late 20’s that I realized although you may not be able to plan every aspect of your life, because sometimes things happen beyond your control. However, unless something drastic happens, I can always follow my plan, and alter my plans depending on how drastic that event happens to be. So here is a summary of what I hope to accomplish 45 years from now. I will get more into details next post.

My life Today—-February 2019:

married, renter, works part time hours in an office, travel once a year, live close to family, able to have fullfilled my dream of living and seeing particularly most of Canada.

My life 45 years from:

Retired after leaving my work as self employed counselor, mother, traveled once a year, own my home, set up a charity, write my book, buy a cottage somewhere in Salmon arm or Kelowna,

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