Enjoyable weekend in Tofino (British Columbia) on a budget

It is good to take a trip sometimes, especially now in this pandemic times… to reflect, enjoy yourself, relax and remind yourself of better times. This is what we did in Tofino on the labour day weekend. The prices for the hotel were little steep because everyone was rushing for vacation on the weekend, but here are some ways to have a relaxing, fun time in Tofino without going over your budget: We had plan to spend $1300 total. The first thing in booking a hotel was to book a place that would be romantic and luxurious without the price tag. So what we did was book that place in a place called Ucluelet. In Tofino, the price tag for an equivalent place for 2 nights would had been $800, but in Ucluelet, the price tag was $450 and Ucluelet is just 30 mins from Tofino, and very accessible. Tip for staying on budget is to find an accessible place close to where you are visiting for cheaper a price when you travel. In terms of food we ate locally, the prices in Tofino were more expensive than Ucluelet, so we had more meals in Ucluelet that in Tofino. In terms of transportation, we booked our car rentals in advance and online to get the best deal. Plus always get travellers insurance supplied by the rental company. It would offer you a piece of mind. Here are the the pictures of Tofino:

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