Yearly update on the finances for a couple in Vancouver

It is the end of July and I wanted to update on our finances. I wanted to tell you about what our future goals are and whether we are moving in the right direction. We are focussed on five aspects of lives; travel plans, debt repayment, family planing, savings, and long term goals. Lets look at what we have accomplish:

In terms of travel: We want to travel each year, and in this case we may not be able to travel to Las Vegas as we previously wanted because of the pandemic, but we are making a trip to Tofino which we wanted to do in 2021. So we will do Vegas in 2021 instead of 2020

In terms of debt repayment: From last year to this year, we have paid a total of $5754 towards our debt

In terms of Family planning: Still in the plans to figure out whether to adopt or try having a child with medical intervention

In terms of savings: We have started two rrsp, with accumulated value of $13000

In terms of long term goals: We are still looking for each of us to go to school and purchase a house in 8 years

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