June budget for a couple living in Vancouver during the pandemic

So we start off with a savings of $2295 from May. If you want to know how we got this savings look up the my post on our May Budget. My husband ei benefits and parttime job made him earn $2100. For me with the extra from overttime from my work i earned $2500. Our total family income was $4600. We ended up spending $4553. So now we have $47 leftover to go into our savings. Our total savings going into next month is $2342. Here is the breakdown:

predicted June Figures (actual)
BC Hydro$50$50
Bmo Line$450$429
TD paym$121$80
St loan$121$0
Bank Fees$11$11
RBc pay2$200$191
BMO PE$1,200$1,555
Cibc loan$20$110
RBc pay1$220$274
Mutual F$25$25
c rbc loan$121$121

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