Summer is almost officially here, now lets accessorize

I love summer. The heat, the sun, the flowers, the smells, the beauty, and the activities. This year has been especially draining because of the pandemic(Covid 19), and it seems that for most part of the beginning of 2020 there was a death. With the beginning of Summer it is now time to enjoy the limited freedom we have, although restricted, it is now time to incorporate some colours into our wardrobe.

The most budget friendly way to incorporate colours into your wardrobe are through accessories. Here are a list of accessories to brigthen uo your wardrobe:

  1. earrings-the brighter the better, find colours and shapes that match your skin tone and face shape
  2. hair accessories-find ribbons, hair wraps, clips, flowers. Again the more colours the better, make the colours match you and send a message. e.g yellow represents joy, green represents money, blue represents loyality, red represents attraction, orange represents fun and flirtation.
  3. jackets and throws- summer and throws adds to your outfit. Try to match your jackets and throws with your shoes
  4. Shoes and sandals- Try wearing all types of shoes and sandals. Find cheap shoes in second hand stores and try to switch up your shoes in terms of your height. Wear flat shoes, platform shoes, wedges, boots, high heels and runners.
  5. shorts and skirts-show off those legs, summer is the season is to show off all the body parts that you have been hiding in the winter
  6. summer hair- be good to your hair in the summer , highlight your hair, try different styles and let your hair enjoy the natural vitamin d in the air

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