Going to Whistler on a budget

We enjoyed a nice trip to Whistler on budget last weekend. Whistler in all accounts is very expensive place to ski. However it is worth a trip down to Whistler to enjoy the scenery, ski and enjoy food and the best deli sandwich( I have had in the surrounding area of Vancouver). What made our trip to Whistler less expensive is we purchased our ski tickets and ski equipment before November 2019 and that gave us a 20 percent discount for the prices. We were able to save a total of $75 dollars. We also took a bus to Whistler from Vancouver at a cost $35 per person. So my advice in enjoying Whistler on a budget is to look for deals on line and purchase your ski tickets early before the ski season. Also to look into cheaper forms of transportation to and from Whistler. Here are the pics of Whistler:

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