Cheap and classy ideas for Valentine’s Day and other romantic dates

I know Valentine’s day is over, but here a few ways I suggest to enjoy some romance without going over the budget:

  1. Go to a public market….for me as a Vancouverite, a visit to Granville Island market and look around the place and sampling the free treats and eating at the small food court with my husband is romance at its best
  2. Go for a walk in the park. If it is cold outside, bundle up and look out for local vendors where you can purchase some street food
  3. Go to local pub… eat, drink and be merry while enjoying the ambience of the setting
  4. Go window shopping, enjoy the beauty and styles the city has to offer, also partake in some street vendor food
  5. Do something active outside… bike, roller skate, ice skate and finish that off with a nice treat like ice cream or hot cholocate

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