Putting yourself first and how to treat yourself-A Vancouver woman’s guide to enjoying life

It is the new year and I am going to talk about how to put yourself first. I have a very close friend whose husband wanted to give her a break from the kids and himself and give rejuvenate her time to regenovate. I was invited along as a close friend. Her husband paid for an expensive hotel in the heart of Vancouver downtown for us. He paid for the high end room where we had access to the club house and the services offered by the club house. It was nice to have this break from life. All we did was sleep, talk, shop and eat. A day away from the husbands and daily activities of life. I recommend this for any one to take time to enjoy life with your friend, especially to start the new year. We went on a shopping spree that we ending spending about $400 dollars each. What did I end up buying with my $400 dollars.? I ended up buying a beautiful white coat on sale for $200. We went to the kate spade outlet stores that I bought a bracelet, earrings and beautiful gold top for another $200. It was beautiful stayvacation and made me ready for the new year.

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