Welcome to Granville South, the artsy, glizty and beautiful side of Vancouver

Let me tell you I am very biased about this area of Vancouver. I love love love this area. The one bedroom rental ranges from $1,800 to 2, 100, but this area offers alot interms of quality life. From the many art galleries, restaurants, shopping experiences, cafes and the close proximity to the city’s downtown. My love affair began with this area, a long time ago and it never seems to disappear. And now to showcase the artzy side of Granville South with a few of the art galleries:

Kurbatoff located @ 2435 Granville Street

Heffel Gallery located @ 2247 Granville St

Ian Tan Gallery located @ 2342 Granville St

Create your own art @ deserres located @ 1431 Broadway W

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