Keeping your skin looking young and fresh on a budget

It sometimes can cost an arm and a leg to look young and fresh. Here are the ways I keep people guessing my age incorrectly. I have been mistaken for someone in their twenties, often carded because of my youthful appearance, while in reality I am in my 40’s. Here is what I do to keep my youthful appearance.

  1. exercise (5 hrs a week) even walking will do
  2. eat right- smaller portions and healthier options
  3. sleep- at least 8 hrs per week
  4. drink water-eight glasses of water a week
  5. develop a routine and rigid skin regiment- for me I use a cleanser(nivea $10), a toner (nivea $12) and for moisturizer (shea butter $14)

Hopefully this are a few helpful hints!!

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