October Budget- Did we meet our goal for living in Vancouver in our monthly budget

So, another month is over. Did we meet our financial budget goals for the month of October. We earned for this month including the raise in my income that I talked about in the previous budget blog, a total of $4300. However we spent a total of $4703. We had a savings of $1332. Since we spent more than what we earned for the month, we had to withdraw $403 from our saving. So at the end of the month our savings is $929. Here is a breakdown of our budget:

predictedactualOctober Figures
BC Hydro$50$50
Bmo Line$450$479
TD paym$121$80
St loan$121$89
Bank Fees$11$11
RBc pay2$200$185
BMO PE$1,200$1,555
Cibc loan$20$106
RBc pay1$220$260
Mutual F$25$25
c rbc loan$121$121

Vancouver in the autumn, Queen Elizabeth Park

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