Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant-It’s hip to be a hippie and yuppie at the same time here

The hippie and yuppie culture is strong here in Mount Pleasant. There is a pull to be artistist, laid back, consume an excessive amount of marijuana but all at the same time take care of yourself financially, spiritually and acquire lots of wealth and display that wealth. The confusion here is strong, and no where is the hipster culture embaraced more than it is here in Vancouver’s Mountain Pleasant. Here are few highlights so far:

Located @ 235 broadway E. Mount Pleasant organic meat shop

Martini’s Whole Wheat Pizza located @ 151 Broadway W

The diversity of food choices Menya Raizo located @ 401 broadway w

Xs-cape room located @ 309 W broadway

This area is know for is many outdoor stores. This just one example, Taiga located 301 W broadway

Just yoga located @ 53 broadway E

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