July goal setting-Did I meet my goals? Buying quality, trendy furniture for cheap

Did I meet the goals that I set for July 2019? The first goal was to get a tv, dining room table and chairs and a tv stand for $1300. The second goal was to learn how to do my make up for $100. I wasn’t able to find a make up school for $100. That is something I may do in the future, however I been relying on free tutorials from youtube to learn how to do my makeup.

The other goal was to buy furniture including tv stand, table and chairs and tv for $1300.

I break down the cost of each item:

  1. 39″ smart tv from best buy cost $294
  2. dining table for wayfair $253
  3. dining chair for wayfair $221
  4. tv stand for wayfair $250

The total cost for our purchase was $1018. We were under budget for almost $282. Here is a picture of our purchase:

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