The key to financial success

The key to financial success is a) peace of mind b) decluttering financially, spiritually, mentally and emotionally

How to get a peace of mind? Figure out who/what makes you happy and surround yourself with people and things that make you happy. Create a system that promotes and supports a healthy space and place for yourself

How to declutter? A cluttered life creates chaos and disorganization. A chaotic situation leads to bad financial choices and circumstances. So it is better to declutter yourself financially (make a budget, list all your debts and make plans to pay off debts), declutter spiritually (practice yoga, get in touch with your spiritually side, exercise, and make a clean space for yourself in your surroundings), declutter mentally (clear yourself of negative thoughts and learn to appreciate and love yourself) and finally declutter emotionally (stay away from toxic situations, environment and people and value the energy you bring around you)

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