Why women compete for men?

I heard the story of the woman that killed the mistress of her husband in a small Pennsylvania town. The question becomes why would anyone risk their future and end the life of another woman over a man who probably didn’t care about neither one of these women? Now lets talk about why women compete over men

a) Resources- It is somewhat admirable to see men go to war for resources. You see men on battlefields fighting each other for territory and resources. So for woman, the man they are fighting for is a symbol of that resource. So in many ways when women fight another women they are fighting over perceived resources they want to attain or keep

b) ego- Who doesn’t have an ego? It is a blow to the self-esteem to be betrayed by someone who you are married to. Often we may place that anger from someone that betrayed us, and turn the anger towards the “other woman”

c) Keeping secrets- You want to portray a certain image to ourselves, family, friends and strangers about your life. If someone disrupts that perfect image, it causes anger and resentment towards that individual

d) Low Self Esteem- If you do not think you deserve a better man. You willing to settle for anyone and anything

So what can a woman do to avoid competing with other women over men?

  1. Make yourself the one people compete over. Let go of men that treat you and other women with disdain
  2. Level up- Increase your desirability and invest in yourself that you are not limiting yourself to one man even when you are married. Think with the mentality “hope for the best, prepare for the worst
  3. Let go of the perfect image syndrome. It is okay not to have a perfect life and it is okay to have friends and family see you at the best as well as your worst times. Don’t hold on to bad situations to put on an image

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