New Area-Vancouver’s Chinatown from Pender St to Main St

I am personally excited about exploring Chinatown this month of May in celebration of Asian Heritage Month. This is such a historical and cultured area of Vancouver. One of the world’s largest Chinatown, the area of Pender St, Keefer St and Main St has been home to Vancouver Chinese community since the late 1880’s to now. Although the Chinese community has in many ways outgrown this area, and now the Chinese Community has expanded to various other places in British Columbia, this is a good opportunity to explore the beginnings of Chinese Community in British Columbia. We will be looking at the buildings, food, and the many stores.

The gate way to Chinatown located @ Pender St

Jack Chow Insurance- this building and company is part of fabric of Chinatown. Fun fact: Jack Chow Insurance is where I got my marriage certificate

Showcasing two things that are instrumental to this area and Chinese culture. Entertainment and Herbal Stores. Good Luck Entertainment Centre is located @ 125 Pender St East. Cheung Sing Herbal and Birds is located @ 536 Main St

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