Women marry for financial stability, Men marry for looks

On my last post I encouraged women to gold dig and choose men that are financially better off than themselves. In this post I would encourage men to seek their physical prototype when deciding which woman to marry. I want to tell you two true life stories to illustrate my point. The first story involves a man that was hooked up to a machine to gauge his emotional response to different objects and people. It was determined through the process that this man was particularly attracted to tall blonde women. It was then determined the physical prototype for this man was a tall blonde woman. However in real life this man had only dated shorter dark haired women. He was going against his physical prototype. All his long term relationships had ended in failure. Although all this women possessed the value and characteristics he desired in a partner, they just weren’t his physical prototype. Asked by the researcher why he never pursued a tall blonde with shared values and goals. He answered that he feared that he would be rejected, so he only approached women he felt would respond to his advances.

Another story I would like to point out is, a man’s whose physical prototype was a black woman. However he felt that his family who were non-black would not approve of his choice in a partner, and he felt that there would be too much obstacles to overcome. So he made the choice to select a non-black woman as his wife. Ten years later into the marriage, and two kids later, he decided to file for divorce and pursue his love interest.

You see what i am getting to here. Men are are programmed both biological and social to be hunters in the game of mating. Generally, by their mid twenties, most men have an idea of what woman fits their physical prototype, and it is near impossible to change a man’s directional pull into whatever direction he has decided. It has been been proven in research that it takes men a shorter length of time to decide if a women is marriage material or not, and often they will not change their mind or change their direction even when presented with a better second alternative.

Most men make the right decision and do not marry the woman that is not the physical prototype. A man would rather have a child with a woman that is not their physical prototype than marry her, giving her his legal name and announcing to the world that she is his wife. In relationships that men are with the women that are not their physical prototype, often the man will stretch out the relationship for years without formally committing to her, in hopes that he may find his physical prototype while holding onto a woman that fits other qualities he desires.

I had a similar situation with my ex-boyfriend. I was not his physical prototype. Throughout the relationship, I saw a man that was in a relationship, but was not fully committed. He would make comments about other women, he would watch porn with my knowledge or without my knowledge, he would not go that extra mile to indicate his feelings for me. I thought to myself, maybe he was not built that way. However towards the ending the relationship I saw a different side to him. He had met his physical prototype and now he was a more emotional man that displayed his emotions and proclaimed his love for his new woman.

The men that choose to marry woman that are not their physical prototype are usually not full participants in their relationships. Their wives often complain about their lack of intimacy, the display of emotions are lacking, and also the men do not go out of their way to help the woman out with their household. Many of these relationships end up in divorce, either the man decides to leave the relationship after they meet their physical prototype or when the wife gets tired, she decides to leave the relationship.

In summary, I feel in making the decision on whether to marry a woman, a man should first consider whether the woman is physical prototype. Then secondly look at the other factors such as the women’s values and goals.

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